Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There is a wide range is symptoms but most notable are:

  • Debilitating unexplained fatigue which usually worsens with physical activity
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Disturbed sleep patterns particularly difficulty getting to or remaining asleep.
  • Difficulty focusing attention and memory recall
  • Difficulty reading due to poor visual focus
  • Spinal Joint pains
  • Headaches
  • Sinusitis
  • Menstrual cycle and other hormonal imbalances
  • Sensitivity to loud sounds and bright light 


The sympathetic nervous system spreads throughout the entire body affecting every type of tissue. The lymphatic fluid aids transparent of bodily fluid collected from all tissues and eventually returned to the blood. The lymphatic system is basically a secondary waste disposal unit within the body which flushes out the waste products of the cells that are toxic to us. The fluid motility in the lymph is helped by pressure from the blood flow in the surrounding blood vessels, and so the lymphatic tissue will be engorged with fluid if the blood circulation is not working properly. The sympathetic nerves also have been found to control a pump mechanism within the main drainage of the lymphatic system which becomes disturbed in CFS/ME. The resultant backflow further engorges the lymphatic vessels, especially in the chest and neck.

The Perrin Technique™ is an osteopathic approach developed by Dr. Raymmond Perrin, DO.Phd, that manually stimulates the fluid motion around the brain and spinal cord. Manipulation of the spine further aids drainage of these toxins out of the cerebrospinal fluid. Massage of the soft tissues in the head, neck, back and chest direct all the toxins out of the lymphatic system and into the blood, where they are eventually detoxified in the liver. Eventually with no poisons affecting the brain, the sympathetic nervous system begins to function correctly, and providing the patients do not overstrain themselves their symptoms should gradually improve and in time some patients become totally symptom free.

I attended Dr. Perrins course as I was assessing more and more patients with a wide spectrum of chronic symptoms which did not fit any specific condition, including my teenage daughter.  Many patients were tested for auto immmune disorders, Parkinson's diseaes, Muscular Sclerosis and were put on medication for depression and anxiety. The objective assessment tool enables us to make a clinical diagnosis  of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS) and to provide a conservative holistic treament plan. I work in conjunction with Psychologists as patients often can't idenify with their new "well" self after years of ailing. I receive referrals from Pschologists for patients who don't respond to traditional treatment as the symptoms are not caused by clinical depression but inflammation of the Hypothalamus. Many patients have moved through a variety of doctors and specialists over a number of years before getting a definitive diagnosis. The confirmation of the disorder is often met with tears of relief when the patient knows it is "not in their head", although, ironically, CFS does physically manifest as toxity in your brain. 

The objective assessment contains five physical critieria. There is a indepth subjective assessment covering virus related illnesses like Glandular fever, Enchephalitis and Coxsackie virus and trauma, both physical and emtional, especially injury to the head and  thoracic spine. Increased stress levels and work related postural dysfunction like poor desk posture ergonomics and sports like cycling are also noted. Additional information includes longivity of symptoms and how these symptoms affect quality of life.

More info available at, The Perrin Technique: Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME

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