"I'm a 43 (almost!) year old mother of 3.  I would say that my symptoms started in high school.  Perhaps late primary school, but I can certainly reflect back to high school and see the depression, extreme anxiety, etc.  I have been from doctor to doctor over many years with many complaints ranging from mood swings, anxiety, depression (a diagnosis I have always fought!), exhaustion, headaches, stomach aches, joint pain, blah blah blah.  Many physio sessions in high school, many psychologists in high school and medication followed.

As an adult, much the same.  I have had myself tested for Parkinson's (hand tremors eventually noted to be caused by medication for anxiety), Dementia/Alzheimer's (my memory is a joke!), but all were negative and put down to tiredness and needing to take it easy.  If I take it any more easy I'll just stop!  I've been on and off anti-depressants and anxiety medication practically all my life.  Although I will honestly say that I have anxiety, I have always fought the depression diagnosis.  Being anxious creates insecurities etc., but I'm actually quite a happy soul!  As a result of my last bought of medication I refuse to take anything unless sick as a dog.  My last lot of medication had such severe side effects I ended up with a MRI of my neck and brain, good grief!

I've seen Kerrie for a few years now for neck and back issues.  When she mentioned that she was doing this training and asked if I would participate I was nervous but hopeful.  When Kerrie scored my information and gave me my scores I was not terribly surprised by the results.  When she said she could help me I started the cry.  I have waited so long for somebody to hear me, really hear me and not brush off what I am feeling as just being in my head or that I must just take it easy.  Just another tired mom.

Here is what the treatment has done for me so far.  I have always been a reader.  I had a floor to ceiling bookshelf full of books I loved.  2 years ago I donated the lot.  I had noticed that I just couldn't read!  I couldn't keep track of stories, names, places etc.  I would read a page or 2 and get to the end and not have the slightest inkling what it was about.  If you had asked me what book I was reading I could not have given you the title or the author unless it was right in front of me.   I also noticed that I could not help my kids with their homework as I would read instructions over and over and they would just not make sense.  But now I am reading again.  My memory is still horrible, but I can read, close the book and come back tomorrow and remember where I am and what it's about.  This is the first thing I noticed after treatment started.  It actually came back quite quickly.

My brain is still fuzzy.  If you ask me a question about something I should know, I often have nothing to offer.  Sometimes when I speak I feel like I don't make sense, but since nobody has mentioned anything or laughed hysterically maybe it's in my head.  But, I am less exhausted.  I'm reading.  I'm calmer. My body aches less.  My work has improved as I can keep better track of my customers, details and job numbers, etc. I'm sick less.  I exercise slowly without the crash at the end.  No neck pain. Back pain manageable. I am positive."

The above lady was the first patient  I treated and has since been discharged. This was written eight weeks into the treatment protocol.  She had been tested for a number of conditions inc. Parkinson's disease and Muscular Sclerosis. The symptom that stood out most to me was her inability to read books for pleasure anymore. She could not read more than two pages  due to fatigue and in the morning could not recall what she had read the previous night. She eventually gave away all her books. Pupil dilation and poor short term memory are symptoms of a poorly functioning sympathetic nervous system. She is now back to reading 3 books a month, gentle exercise and coping better with both her home and work requirements.

Update: 1 year later- "For the first time in my life I have not fallen into a slump at the prospect of the October - January stretch. This is normally the worst time of year for me, sad considering its my birthday and Christmas. You've given me a new lease on life and I thank you so much."

I have been receiving CFS treatment from Kerrie for just over a year now. When I came to her, I had resigned myself to brain fog and perpetual exhaustion. My therapist suggested to me that my symptoms of anxiety and depression seemed to have a physical root, and in spite of my skepticism around all the frufru and unhelpful discourse around CFS, and out of desperation, I signed up with Kerrie. Now, things that I had given up on are back again to enrich my life. I can exercise daily, walk my dog, concentrate long enough to finish a good book. I have the presence of mind to not spiral into helplessness when I encounter difficulty at work. I am very grateful for the help I've received, and I so wish that other skeptics like me who are suffering and soldiering through unnecessarily would give this a try.

"Before receiving treatment for my chronic fatigue I felt lost and confused. I couldn't understand why when I came home from school I would collapse on my bed and not get up until dinner. I found it hard to spend long periods of time with my friends and constantly found myself blanking out mid conversation. Since receiving treatment, I've had the energy to live again. I brush my teeth and shower every day, something I previously didn't have the energy to do. I focus better in class and more easily process written questions. I wake up feeling actually rested and ready to comprehend my day. I still have some bad days but my life is so much better than it was before."

Amy is my daughter. We thought she was just being a lazy unproductive teenage with questionable hygiene habits. After attending Dr. Perrins course I recognized so many of the symptoms in my own daughter. I assessed Amy in November 2018 and she tested positive for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on the objective assessment. She has started writing her first round of matric exams. She is coping so much better, both physically and socially.

- Amy Austin, 17 years old

I am 50 years old and love to be active and have full days. For a number of years now I have experienced peri-menopausal and eventually full menopausal symptoms. The quality of my life for the last 3-4 years was on a downward spiral and the prospect of spending another 25+ years like that was not filling me with joy. Although I try to avoid chemicals where possible, I decided that starting HRT was necessary. I experienced mild improvements for some of my symptoms but this ground was slowly lost again and I increased my dose. I just wasn't getting the benefits I should have from the treatment. A friend told me about Kerrie and as it was a non chemical option, I decided to go for the assessment. I was skeptical as I didn't, and didn't want to regard myself as a sick person and I certainly didn't want a label of any chronic condition to be stuck on my life. Surprisingly I tested positive as a person who could benefit from chronic fatigue treatment. A bit of physio couldn't harm me so I started the treatment with Kerrie.

 9 months later I have stopped my HRT. I still have many of the awful symptoms of menopause but in the following 3 areas I have had enormous improvements:

-The depression that was my almost constant unwanted companion is mostly gone. This factor alone makes the treatment worth it for me.

-The tiredness that made me want to sleep on the mat at the gym rather than lift my leg is gone along with the really sore muscles that persisted during exercise.

-The brain fog that is debilitating,frustrating and frightening as it made me feel like I was getting Dementia is gone.

Although there are occasional bumps in the road of progress as life is not always kind and I am still on my road to recovery, these 3 factors have so greatly improved my quality of life that the treatment has, for me, been nothing short of miraculous and I don't hesitate recommending it to anyone.

PS I still don't call myself a chronic fatigue sufferer but I do receive physiotherapy for chronic fatigue and I am so grateful for stumbling upon Kerrie who has given me hope for the future.

- Elaine Hyslop

"I have struggled with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for going on 6 years. Having tried everything, I was managing my symptoms to a point when I became ill and was not able to get back on my feet. I had read about the Perrin Technique on a blog from a person who had completely recovered from CFS.

 This intrigued me as the consistent message surrounding CFS is "No Cure!". I researched a provider in South Africa and the only qualified therapist was Kerrie Austin, who practices from Johannesburg.  I reside in KZN which meant that I would have to travel and stay for a few days which I was willing to do as overwhelming as this was as at the time.

Having Perrin treatment with Kerrie was the best thing that has happened to me. Kerrie is a professional and so compassionate.  I had 5 treatments and after the first treatment the pain that I was experiencing was gone. After each treatment, I improved, my mood changed and I was on my way to recovery.

I will continue to see Kerrie from time to time and continue to do my daily home programme which is a way of life.

I feel better each day and I am able to perform daily tasks, work and I am back to exercising .

I cannot thank Kerrie Austin enough for how this has changed my life.

A million thanks!"

- Colette Tanner

"Kerrie was instrumental in diagnosing me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, giving me hope after years of misdiagnoses and being told that the symptoms are in my head. She is a truly exceptional physiotherapist in so many ways from her caring, empathetic nature to her effective treatment of the condition."

I attended the course because I was being asked to assess more and more patients with a wide spectrum of symptoms which did not fit any specific condition. Many were tested for Muscular Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, auto immune disorders, being put of anti-anxiety medication and medications for depression and sent to see a psychologist. I now work in tandem with Psychologists and General Practitioners. Patients who have been sick for many years often can't identify with their new "well" self. Chronic pain and chronic illness sufferer often retract from society which leaves them isolated and alone.

Chronic fatigue presents with a myriad of symptoms. The most prevalent are;

  • overwhelming debilitating fatigue
  • decreased concentration and poor short term memory
  • difficulty getting to sleep. Feeling "wired and fired" at night/exhausted in  the day
  • Difficulty reading
  • Brain fog
  • Head, neck or shoulder pain
  • Spinal and chest pain
  • experiencing Depression and Anxiety
  • Sensitivity to bright light and sounds
  • Problems with bladder and bowel
  • Recurrent Sore throats
  • Menstruation problems
  • Feeling worse after exercise or extremely stressful situations and eventually avoiding all activities, hobbies or sport and exercise that make the patient feel worse.

- Kay