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  • The quality of my life for last 3-4 years was on a downward spiral and the prospect of spending another 25 years+ like that was not filling me with joy...The brain fog, that is debilitating, frustrating and frightening as it made me feel like I was getting dementia, is gone...
    Elaine Hyslop
  • My work has improved as I can keep better track of my customers, details and job numbers, etc. I'm sick less.  I exercise slowly without the crash at the end.  No neck pain. Back pain manageable. I am positive. Update 1 year later: For the first time in my life I have not fallen into a slump at the prospect of the Oct - Jan stretch. (Oct 2019)
  • My therapist suggested to me that my symptoms of anxiety and depression seemed to have a physical root, and in spite of my skepticism around all the frufru and unhelpful discourse around CFS, and out of desperation, I signed up with Kerrie. Now, things that I had given up on are back again to enrich my life.
  • Kerrie was instrumental in diagnosing me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, giving me hope after years of misdiagnoses and being told that the symptoms are in my head. She is a truly exceptional physiotherapist in so many ways from her caring, empathetic nature to her effective treatment of the condition.
  • I found it hard to spend long periods of time with my friends and constantly found myself blanking out mid conversation. Since receiving treatment, I've had the energy to live again.
    Amy Austin, 17 years old